Save our NHS!!!! REDUCE our national aid to 0 2% of the UK' GNI

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Currently the NHS is not receiving adequate funding to cope with its current demands. The population is increasing with procreation, it could be argued that other things are affecting the demand such as immigration and lack of resources. 

However, no matter what your stance is on those issues it still does not change the fact that the NHS is currently underfunded. Although we are lead to believe unemployment is getting less and less, the taxpayer cant be expected to keep paying more and more. Something has to give in order to achieve the correct funding for our NHS. 

We British understand that people all over the world at some point need our help, I'm sure that you would all agree with me, that we should help them. If we cut our aid to 0.2% of our GNI we could still help but helping within our means. The 0.5% we save should go straight to the NHS. This could be for a five year period in order to recover the NHS. Add that to the governments recent announcement to add funds from Brexit savings, our NHS will be around for further generations to come. 

Although there is a law on paying 0.7% of our GNI its down for parliament to justify if its not met. Parliment represents us the people. By signing this the people will have spoken.

You can find information about aid on full facts. 

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