Stop parliament 0 pounds to now wanting to charge me £21.44 barbaric COUNCIL TAXATION?!!

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I want to stop the council charging me a vulnerable disabled person with Autism, the government and subsequent council have decided to now charge us and others who are not OAP's but of working age but unable to work.  Other NHS patients who require care people especially those with multiple disabilities should not now be taxed. Whilst I am unable to physically work, I will pay as much as I can afford, nobody likes to live off the state especially me, but sometimes some people are unable to work due to having an unfortunate disability.    I write this in the hope that people will support me and the most vulnerable of society.  So we can stand up for people like me against council tax increases of this nature.  This Tory Government never told the people of the UK about this increase or that they would be TAXING the SICK and VUNERABLE,  So this Government especially Bury Council get additional council tax support money when they never seem to put money back into Bury services.     

It's about time THE PEOPLE of Bury stand up an say reduce Council Tax, increase council tax support allowances for the most needy.   This increase  on young renters like myself at 18 will have an impact as it will leave us with no money to survive on.  Living with ADHD, Autism, Scoliosis and Proctitus there is never gonna be an employer willing to employ me till 2020.  So please help me stop Bury Council from charging vunerable people we can do this,  going from £0 council tax to £21.44 is money that I/we just don't have.   We need special diets, we see nutrientists and GP's and other services which we have to travel for, if we don't eat properly as we cannot afford food due to council tax increases and benefit reductions, we will end up more ill, living on the streets or dying.