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Preventing corruption of Public Office

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It is obvious that serving and former members of all australian parliaments and legislative bodies continue to take up positions of lobbyists for non representative bodies such as corporate entities, religious faith groups , commercial and other interests . Such members using the skills and connections acquired during their tenure in public office and that such behaviour is not adequately proscribed or prohibited by existing legislation . That where such conduct has been found it has not been punished adequately and that current rules and regulations do not punish such unconsciounable conduct adequately. That the use of knowledge , contacts and any other resources gained whilst holding any office or capacity as an elected member of parliament or other legislative body provides undersirable power to such former members of all parliaments or legislative bodies and that the increase of such forms of employment for former members of parliament or legislative bodies itself indicates that corporate and other entities seek to influence public policy without either being fully transparent or accountable to the australian people and voters. Current rules and regulations not being enforced nor adquate to prevent the dilution of the public will or prevent the undue influence of entities , persons or corporate bodies that seek to benefit from any and all actions where such actions can be influenced without review or transparency. Such acts and behaviours must be discouraged among former members of parliaments and legislative bodies and any entity , corporate or private person or any other prevented by criminal law from having any influence above and beyond that of any body of voters. 

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