Shakeel Shamaail for RITO 2022

Shakeel Shamaail for RITO 2022

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Shakeel Shamaail started this petition to Parliamentary Engagement and

Kia Ora and Hello!

My Name is Shakeel Peer Shamaail and I am a Year 12 student who intends on studying Law and Political Sciences at University. I currently reside in Auckland. I love to watch and play: Football, Rugby, Basketball and Cricket. My favourite subjects are History, English and Biology. Some of my goals for next year:  I aim to attempt to be a School Prefect if possible, I aim to progress towards and meet set Academic goals that I have put into account, I aim to never give up no matter the outcome and to always put in my best effort and I pledge to be myself always, not to be a mirror image or a reflection of what a person expects me to be. To be me, that is what shall help me.

My reason for applying for RITO is so that I am able to encourage and educate the Youth about what politics is and how they can get involved within politics at a young age. As well as that, I want to engage more within the Youth around my community areas and beyond. As well as that, I would like to assist in the process of Youth Engagement within Parliament. I would like more Young Kiwis to take an interest and to enquire about what Politics is and how they can do their part. As well as how they can get involved within the cause! It would be an utmost privilege and honour to be accepted within RITO, as I believe it is an awesome opportunity to help the Youth get involved within something that they think is for "old people".

For the past few years, I have found a huge interest within Politics and the field for quite a while. Some things I enjoy are Political Analysis and Political History.  

I am very active within my Community and actively go out my way to help make my community a better place. I do many things to help my community. For example, I do Humanitarian Work, Volunteering locally when I get the opportunity, Helping deliver food parcels to individuals in need during the COVID-19 Pandemic and more! I also have a variety of connections from different experiences. 

It is so very important that the Youth are involved with significant topics such as Politics, so that they are able to understand what is happening within New Zealand. As well as that, the Youth is quite frankly the future of New Zealand and the World. It is their actions and decisions that shall shape the future. If the Youth have a strong foundation and knowledge to go ahead then they shall thrive.

I would like your support for me to be able to get accepted within RITO and help advance Kiwis all around New Zealand. I personally wish to be a Leader and wish to progress and develop skills that shall help me in the future, no matter what pathway I choose to go towards.

I am a very firm believer of the motto 'Per Angusta Ad Augusta" which is my school's motto. It means 'Through Hardship into Glory". I think of this motto quite a lot, as I have been through many hardships. But I always believe, if I put my mindset to something and try my best effort, then I shall succeed regardless.

What is RITO?
Well, to put it frankly, RITO is a Youth Engagement Component that is run by  the wonderful Parliamentary Engagement Team with the primary focus and aim of establishing youth-focused projects which shall attract the Youth within politics. 

The Values of RITO are:

· Rangatiratanga: We are supported to lead with initiative, humility and wisdom. We give voice to others, empowering them and empowering ourselves.

· Whanaungatanga: We include people and treat them with tolerance and respect.

· Manaakitanga: We create a comfortable, safe environment where we can be ourselves and contribute our best.

· Ngākau pono: We are honest, and act with integrity and good faith.

· Kotahitanga: We work in unity, acting towards the same goal.

Please sign this Petition to help me get into RITO as a member for 2022 and to help benefit the Youth and the Wider Community! 

Kindest Regards,
Shakeel Shamaail

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