Sign for an independent review of the impact of 1080 on NZ Flora and Fauna.

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Enough is enough NZ!, our Native and Introduced species are being systematically poisoned throughout the entire eco - system, by indiscriminate, widespread use of a substance banned in most developed countries.

By signing this petition you are agreeing to me, Lyndon Johnston, and/or my agents, personally handing this petition, and the following document, to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, and to Hon Eugenie Sage, minister of conservation, and Environment.

We the undersigned agree to;

*By signing this petition we agree that we do not support the use of 1080, and its  chemical derivatives, in any form, in any way, anywhere in NZ.

*1080 application needs to cease immediately in NZ, until an independent study is completed by a panel of appropriately qualified experts, and findings publicly announced.

*Alternative controls to 1080, researched, and reported.

*After the report is released, we seek a public referendum, based on the future use of 1080 in NZ.

I will organise handing this petition over to Parliamentary ministers, once/if I get 2,000 signatures.