Seniors need more than a 1% increase in 2018!

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In the budget, the Liberals promised $186 billion in infrastructure spending. When the Parliamentary Budget Officer asked how the Liberals would spend the $186 billion, he found out that the Liberals had no plan!

Meanwhile, seniors have just received their notices of a 1% increase in their annual income. This after struggling with punishing increases over the past months in prices at the grocery store, for insurance, and at the gas station. Clothing also is up. In truth, though interest is up a per cent at the banking institutions, retail prices are closer to a 40% increase from the same time last year, escalating rapidly when preparations for the minimum wage increase were put into motion.

Seniors do not get free transportation or tax exemptions after years of supporting the economy, as in other countries. In Canada we are taxed twice when we take money out of our RRSP simply to assist with our needs, and too many low-income seniors are struggling under the weight of 10% in income taxes with another 13% at the cash register, and more when filling their gas tank. Further, once turning 71, many are no longer eligible for many common health-care services that younger people receive, and must pay for them privately when they are often in the least able time of their lives to do so.

The Government is receiving these sharp increases in the taxes they are receiving and improving the lives of people outside of Canada before meeting the needs of their own citizenry. It is therefore only fair that OAS and CPP payments be adjusted to the same percentage that minimum wager earners received.

Let us raise a hue and cry. Please take the time to request that your MP rectify this situation immediately, and copy your communication to the Prime Minister, sign this petition, and forward it to your friends and colleagues.

Thank you.