Justice and support for Uzma khan

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You all must be aware how Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik (daughters of Malik Riaz- a pakistani business tycoon) stormed into Uzma Khan’s house around midnight with 12 gunmen. They threw oil on them, threw their furniture etc. as seen in the videos being circulated. 
This is an infringement of her basic human right and is inhumane. Who gave them the right to wound her. And she has been defamed when she was not the only one at fault but we are quick to blame her because she’s a woman. The Son in law of Malik riaz is equally at fault, in my opinion even more because he was married and an affair is a two way street. The face of your unfaithful and cheating husband should’ve been made public on social media, not the girl. 
I request you to sign this petition so that it reaches the ones with the power to make a change and hopefully justice will be served. Why should Uzma be blamed only. Why should rich privileged people get away with anything they do just to protect their image. Who gave them a right to infringe her right to privacy and how dare they barge in and start abusing and hitting her. Why should others have to pay for things privileged people do. It’s time a change takes place. Please do sign this if you want justice to be served. The Police and authorities must arrest these women and the guards. Thank you.