To get our government to publically put pressure on Congress to change gun laws

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Our names are Chris Stokes and Mumtaaz Hassan. We are concerned about the impact of school shootings in the United States and how our government is not putting public pressure on Congress to change these gun laws/ 2nd Amendment. We are from the UK and are privileged to have stricter gun laws that prevent us from horrific school shootings such as the Florida shootings and many others. 

We want to raise awareness for the injustices that are occurring and we want to support the children and communities affected by shootings by taking a more forceful and active approach than before.

We have set up a petition that will run through the course of our movement which will have the aim of pressuring our government into publicly putting pressure on the White House and Congress.

We have also set up a gofundme which will be used to support the planning and organisations of marches and advertisement.

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