To make bully’s accountable especially when their victims are reduced to suicide

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I. Like many others have been effected by bullying and attempted suicide. Even my daughter who I’m lucky enough to be able to say is a survivor of bullying. Bullying so extreme she was being told to kill herself enduring cyber bullying relentlessly for 2 years. Let alone being attacked physically and no justice being brought to the attackers. She self harmed and was so close to jumping off a train bridge to end it all. But I was lucky. Many are not. No support or help was given to her. Much support was given to the attacker. No remorse was ever shown by the attacker. Who went on to bully again and again.

How many more of our children must be ignored going through untold torture and feeling so broken down that the only way out they see is to end their own lives how many more?? Victim blaming must stop. Protecting the bully’s must stop. Looking for excuses for the bullying must stop. Letting the bullying continue must stop. Making them accountable for their action must begin now!  

I ask for you to join me in signing this petition to help prevent the suicides to help victims come forward and above all else make bully’s accountable for this disgusting behaviour. For the police to be aloud to make relevant arrests again. For schools to able to deal effectively with bullying. To be able to educate our children more thoroughly at a younger age and more extremely on the true effects of bullying to stop these children from bullying before it ends like this.. with suicide. To have sufficient support for victims and protect victims more thoroughly. And to put in effect more laws against and punishments to those who bully