Theresa May To Resign As Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom

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After the election on 8th June, Conservatives no longer hold the majority in parliament. Therefore no one has actually won the election. This is called a 'Hung Parliament'. The choices now are that either Theresa May forms a government and prove that she can run the country or she resigns as Prime Minister. If She resigns, Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, but he also has to prove he can run the country. The main aim for this petition is to make Theresa May step down as Prime Minister, as it is very clear that to stay in power, she will make up numbers to form a government, not knowing exactly what needs to be done. She is focused on staying in power rather than doing anything for Britain.  She is privatising the NHS, Cuts on the disabled, extra taxes on the working class, willing to kill innocent people, upping the bedroom tax, raising tuition fees and so much more. Sign today if you think Theresa May should resign. Thank You