Students to be eligible for the Funeral Expenses Payment in the UK

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This is an unknown issue to most people, but after my father, William Evans, passed away this year, it is an issue I have had to face. The Government currently provides a funeral expenses payment to people who struggle financially, to help assist with funeral costs. However, full time students cannot apply for this because they aren't on benefits, but students cannot claim benefits either.

As a full time student myself, I was my fathers only next of kin, and as most people know, students are usually strapped for cash anyway, however, the Government will not allow students to receive this grant.

The average funeral costs between £3000-£4000, students cannot afford this and it leads to mental health issues and so much more, I have experienced this first hand. There needs to be a change in the government, students should be eligible for this grant, the Government needs to accept that students are next of kins and are carers, they need the help too!

With the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, much more funerals are taking place due to the amount of deaths in the UK, the Government is overlooking students who are next of kins and carers. This desperately needs to be changed.