Let's put the Prime Minster and Cabinet in the Constitution

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Australia has just lost its 5th prime minister in 8 years! This revolving-door process has to STOP.

Most Australians vote for a prime minister, not just a party.  Therefore it should be the people who decide whether or not to remove the prime minister - at the electoral ballot.   

What we have seen in the last decade is an outright disregard to democracy in the governments of Australia.  Both Labor and the Liberals have treated their respective prime ministers like a CEO of a football club rather than the leader of a nation.  

If the offices of the Prime Minister and Cabinet are defined in the Constitution - which is currently not the case - it would be considerably harder to remove a prime minister. Party leadership spills would be subject to legal scrutiny, and groundless leadership changes could potentially be ruled out by the High Court (depending on the wording of the Amendment).

For 118 years, the Constitution has not mentioned the PM or cabinet - until the last decade it hasn't been necessary. But now things have changed: Anarchy prevails, and the country's leadership is decided by whim.  This is the new convention. 

The Prime Minister and Cabinet need to be subject to the Rule of Law, not the petty whims of politicians, as is currently the case!  

Help us by putting your signature to this petition to the Australian Senate.  Maybe we can affect real change so the past tragedies don't happen again! 


To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament


The petition of the undersigned shows:

The recent crisis which has befallen the parliament and the nation – yet again – is testament to the brokenness of our system of executive government.  Our once-variant of the Westminster system has mutated, becoming so disfigured and dysfunctional that there is little hope whatsoever of it cohering in the future.  

Our 5th prime minster in 8 years has just been deposed, and Australians like ourselves feel there is nothing we can do.  That is why we are presenting you with this petition. 

 Your petitioners ask that the Senate:

Consider a Constitutional Amendment Bill.  The Constitution should define the offices of prime minister and cabinet within the executive powers of the Commonwealth. 

Since federation, the offices of prime minister and cabinet have been assumed through custom and convention.  We regard these customs and conventions as broken, and the provisions of the Constitution in this matter as little use.  

Defining the prime minister and cabinet within the Constitution will confer stability and gravitas on those offices.  It will also give real meaning to the Constitution in the matter of our de facto executive government. 

Please give our petition your most serious attention.  

Once a constitutional amendment Bill is passed through both houses of parliament, the Australian people can then have their say on this matter at a Referendum.