Please stop the government from taking my beautiful daughter

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Hi my names Annemarie Stott and my beautiful baby girl has been subject to a court order made to put her up for adoption because I had a violent ex partner who was also her father I did everything that was asked of me to win her back I'm a senior carer and it was said at court that I provided outstanding care to my daughter but her father would be to much of a risk if she stayed with me court even stated this was a very sad case as the close bond me and my daughter had was second to none I ask you all to just take a few seconds of your time to sign the petition anything would help as I am not willing to give up and let social services take my baby she is happy healthy and only 2yrs old which makes her an ideal candidate for adoption witch I think is soooo wrong every person that knows me is utterly shocked that my daughter has been taken out of my care please help I don't know what else to do so please sign and share the petition