PLEASE READ-my simple solution to a serious problem-LETS GET THIS TO PARLIAMENT #COVID-19

PLEASE READ-my simple solution to a serious problem-LETS GET THIS TO PARLIAMENT #COVID-19

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Chloe Newman started this petition to Parliament

The world is suffering at the moment, we are on the precipice of global social and economic collapse. Wellness is declining, anxiety is increasing, wealth is disappearing, all of these things are self perpetuating, i.e. they get worse over time, not better. The world is racing to the bottom.

First Note: 
The UK has lost £trillions with the market crashing and no GDP taking place. The UK population is losing their livelihoods, with their jobs disappearing, never to be started again. The UK Government has pumped £trillions into the economy to keep this going, only to have been swallowed up; and we are still no better off, so what are we going to do next month, when more companies have failed, pump more money in?!. The government needs to come up with a definitive solution. Helicopter money is akin to putting a plaster on a broken leg.

The Facts: 
1. Coronavirus is very contagious, 80% of the UK population could contract the disease. 10% will get very ill, 1.5% (of the 80%) will die 792,000 people.
2. By mixing with each other, we are going to keep on spreading it.
3. You can have the disease for up to 14 days before you have any signs that you have it. Some people can carry it and don't show any signs.
4. Once the infection comes out, you get over it in 14 days, in 10% of the cases you will get ill, 5% very ill, 1% will die.
NOTE: Not everyone is going to get over it, but if we can stop the rate of infection now, we will stop thousands of future lost lives.
People can not just stop working, then stay in isolation, BUT we need to, so how to do this?
there are 66,000,000 people in UK (give or take)
there are 10,500,000 people under 16 years old (give or take)
So 55,500,000 people need a income to survive or a payment holiday or a combination of both. We can't afford for people to go to work, re infecting.

People First: 
An average survival wage is £10 per hour at 40 hours per week = £400 per week. To pay for one months isolation = £1,600. £1,600 x 55,500,000 = £88,000,000,000 (which is £260,000,000,000 less than the chancellor put in last week) £trillions less than has been wiped off the stock market. If you have a national insurance number, you will receive this payment, if you don't have a national insurance number, you are part of the UK's original problem (pre coronavirus, but this is another story!)
Food, dried food or rationing, to be delivered to each house by key workers in HazMat suits, if they have got over coronavirus, they cease to be infectious, so the suits not required. These people will become our super residents, key workers, or just liaising within their communities as child care or sitting with the aged, having a cup of tea.

Payment Holidays: 
All loans, mortgages, rent, council tax, income tax, VAT, car payments, gas , electricity etc to stop for 4 weeks. This isn't a gift, it is to be paid back, either in a lump sum or spread over a pre approved period.
The lights go out for 4 weeks, electric and gas available from 06:00 to 22:00, no TV, no radio, no phone data, just calls. Anyone that has had the virus, will become key workers as they can not pass on infection. Key workers that are not immune (haven't had the virus), such as hospital workers, delivery drivers, food manufacturers, police, army, prison staff will isolate within their work space and be paid 24 hours per day for the one month ban, these people can't go home as they could have the virus. After the month shutdown, these key workers will have their one month isolation, paid for by all of us.
A way to look at the shutdown is akin to your family holiday, you go away for two weeks, you go back to work, your life goes on, this will be the same thing. At the current trajectory NO ONE will have a job to back to, this is from the super rich to the super poor. The super rich have their wealth in their own companies or stocks (other companies) or investments based on people developing new idea's, these are all based on other members of society, this will all stop,within 18 months, the super poor will have no work, no benefits to claim, we will be in the stone age, with NO WAY out of it. 

You have taken the £1,600 loan, you have to pay this back, it isn't a gift. How? if you live as a family of 4, all with a national insurance number, your collective household will get £1,600 x 4 =£6,400. When you go back to work, you pay off your rent, mortgage, tax, VAT bill from the £6,400, if there's any left, you pay back the government. Then you pay back the balance to the government over the next two years. 
You could also use the overage of the £1,600 to spend in your local economy, pubs, restaurants, holidays, cars, rent etc etc, this will get everyone moving again.

The World: 
For it to work, the world needs to agree with it. If the world doesn't agree with this strategy , then anyone visiting the UK after the ban, will have to pay for an isolation stay, in an army building or they can stay away from the UK. If the UK residents fly out, they will be subject to isolation when they land back in the UK (unless they have already had the virus)
Anyone that breaks the curfew, or uses the shutdown to rob, will go to jail.  

The Aftermath 
If the world has a ban as above, we will have tons of data, in terms of the damage that we are doing to the planet. Pollution can be compared to previous periods. Wellness can be compared to previous periods. We can use the real time data on the damage that we are doing to the planet.

The stone age for 1 month on a global scale, would answer so many questions... there has to be some good on the back of this virus.

You can't fight this virus by quantitative easing. If there was a gold bar in Italy's local park, I wonder how many people would attempt to retrieve it?!

As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.


The Newman Family 

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