STOP the Parliament of Zambia from passing Bill 10 of 2019

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The Constitutional Amendment Bill 10 of 2019 has been tabled in the Parliament of Zambia against public opinion. There is general public consensus that if the changes proposed in the Bill are passed, Zambia would become a constitutional dictatorship with an already powerful President made even more powerful. Examples are, the ruling party would be able to increase the numbers of Members of Parliament by simple vote, Parliament would not be dissolved ahead of an election allowing Ministers and Deputy Ministers to use public money to campaign, Parliament would have no say in debt contraction, the Bank of Zambia would have no control over monetary policy (Cabinet can begin to print money with no central bank control). The total number of Ministers and newly reinstated Deputy Members  is proposed to be removed leaving allowing for a bloated Cabinet and pressure on an already stressed treasury. None of the contentious proposals have citizen backing, going against repeated submission by Zambians to the contrary to constitutional review commissions.