Petitioning Parliament of Victoria, Bayside and Kingston local councils

We call on the Parliament of Victoria and Bayside and Kingston local councils to reject the proposal by Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron for a marina in Beaumaris Bay.


(For more information see 'NO marina for Beaumaris Bay' on Facebook or Beaumaris Conservation Society's page about the proposed marina

Beaumaris Bay is formed by the cliffs of Beaumaris Monocline. The monocline is a geological fault line that has caused folding in the bedrock. It could be argued that Beaumaris Bay is the most significant and distinctive geological feature on Port Phillip Bay.

Beaumaris Bay contains a fossil site of international significance. The base of the cliff contains fossils that range from 5-25 million years old. The fossil bed continues to yield valuable scientific discoveries. How many cities have fossil beds within 20km of the city centre? This site is not just local heritage, it is of world heritage stature.

Beaumaris Bay has great natural beauty. The striking colors of the Beaumaris Sandstone cliffs, the bay, the vegetation and the distant Dandenong Ranges attracted artists from the Heidelberg School and some of those paintings have become iconic in the history of Australian art. As the site is still relatively undisturbed, people will still be able to recognise scenery that was depicted in paintings over 125 years ago.

The Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron has a proposal to expand its landing area (contributing to a 130% increase in less than 20 years), dump 130,000 cubic meters of basalt boulders into the bay, build moorings for 116 "motor yachts" and build a 3 storey high, 80 meter long dry stack storage shed for a further 78 "motor yachts".

This marina would visually dominate Beaumaris Bay and compromise all other values. It is unacceptable that a private club with approximately 700 members should be allowed to spoil this area.

Beaumaris Bay is a treasure and beautiful. Locals and visitors from near and far have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, its charms and secrets. We want to keep it that way for future generations.

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