A Clean Singapore Parliament Free of Shadowy Foreign Money Influences

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The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) recently rejected an incorporation application for a proposed company, OSEA Pte Ltd, for the reasons that it's operations would be "clearly political in nature" and that it would be funded by foreign entities with "a history of involvement in the domestic politics of sovereign countries".

Foreign interference in domestic politics is real and occurs through multiple channels. For example:

  • Singaporean businessmen have reported pressure by business counter parts from certain other nations to domestically support the policy agenda of those states
  • In 2017, Australia’s domestic intelligence agency, the ASIO, in a formal report to Australia's parliament that it believed foreign governments were trying to extend their influence in Australian society, posing a threat to sovereignty, the ­integrity of national institutions, and the exercise of citizens’ rights.

In Singapore, we have decided through our representatives that Singapore politics are for Singaporeans, and this principle should be asserted and operationalized effectively.

To that end, each Member of Parliament (MP) should publicly declare all foreign sources of funding for:

  • All sole proprietorships owned by the MP
  • All companies/partnerships which the MP has at least a 5% equity stake/profit share
  • All companies/partnerships/offices which the MP has operational/managerial involvement

This should be done soon and at regular intervals (annually) henceforth. While certain political parties may practice such declarations internally, Singaporeans deserve this to be done across the board for all MPs regardless of party affiliation. Therefore these declarations should be made public and available for scrutiny.