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Right to Equality: Equality before law - Equal punishment for all genders for same crime.

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Violation of fundamental right.

 When I were in school, I were taught about our fundamental rights. One of those rights is Right to equality: Equality before law - It means that law does not discriminate on the basis of birth, position, gender, caste, religion etc. Thus, everyone must be treated same before law. If someone from a particular religion or caste has committed some crime and same crime has committed by someone from other religion or caste, same punishment should be given to both. That’s what I understood from this fundamental right and I was always so proud of the fact that our law and order is same for everyone, so I don’t have to fear anything, our justice system will help me if I ever get into trouble. But as I grew up, I have seen people discriminating on the basis of religion, caste, gender etc. and realized it was a myth. As we cannot change people’s mind easily, still I was proud if not all people believe in right to equality, at least others and most important our law system believe in it. It is very important for our law to treat every criminal as same disregarding of his position, religion, gender etc.

But when I grew up more, one more myth was broken. Myth of right to equality. I realized even our law doesn’t believe in right to equality. It discriminates on the basis of gender. I am not proud of my country and its law system anymore. If a man commits some crime, there are so many laws to send him behind the bars even without any evidence against him but if a woman commits the same crime, there are evidences against her, still there’s no law to punish her. For example, if a couple is in a live-in relationship, they make physical relationship with each other knowing they will get married to each other one day, but later if man denies to marry the woman, woman can file rape charges against him and he would be in jail for at least 7-10 years but if woman denies, a man cannot do anything. I am not able to understand this theory and logic. If both persons are committing same crime, same evidences are against them, then why does only one get punishment and other can roam around freely? There is not even any procedure to take any kind of action against a woman who has raped a man on a promise of marriage. Sir, a man also has feelings and dignity. No one can give a right to a woman to play with someone’s life on a false promise, rape him, and then leave when she is fed up or because of any other reason. If same reasons are there for a man, still he cannot leave as there are laws which would send him to jail. I want my law system to implement our fundamental right properly, treat every criminal as same disregarding the gender. Why our law is so impartial. Why is it so unfair to men? Why do men have to suffer even if he hasn’t done anything wrong? If a woman falsely accuses a man has raped her, without any investigation, first he would be arrested, he would be a shame in society, he would be humiliated by the society, his family has to suffer, he would lose his job, reputation, friends and everything even if he has done nothing wrong. Is this why we got independence after so much struggle that whenever a woman wants, she can ruin a man’s life completely. Many men have committed suicide just because of this, it’s a big number. Still our law sees no flaw in its system. It happened many times that it was found woman filed a false charge against him, but it was too late. Yes, there should be strict punishment against a man who has done such things with a woman. But first police should investigate at least if charges are true or not, and then arrest him. Why do we have to make someone criminal before it’s proved? It is inhuman to even think about such thing. A country where you can be punished for nothing and no will help you. It’s like a dictator ruling this country. You have to live in this fear that any woman will come and send you in jail. I would request you to please change this inhuman way to give justice to a woman and a strict punishment to those women who try to misuse the law just to take revenge. There should be some announcement, awareness among everyone that if it’s proved that women tried to misuse the law, she would be imprisoned for 10 years, so fearing this, many women won’t try to do such insane and inhuman thing to anyone.

Again, talking about Right to Equality, I had been in a relationship with a girl for last 1.5 years. She proposed me for a relationship in 2014, but I refused as I didn’t have same feelings for her. She kept asking for one year, but I kept denying her as I didn’t want anything wrong. If I wanted, I could’ve played with her because even without any relationship, she was ready to make physical relationship with me, but still I didn’t go for it as I didn’t want to ruin her or my life. I am not a person who would have a relationship with anyone. I wanted to make sure if I am going into this relationship, then it must last forever, we must get married. I was never in a relationship with any girl, even when there were opportunities, for 25 years just because I was raised with such thoughts that there can be only one woman in my life and I will have all types of relationship with one woman only. I have always followed this only. In 2015, I told her I am ready for relationship with her because now I also have feelings for her. I told her there’s no need of relationship, we should get married instead. But she promised she would marry me after telling her parents, even if her parents are against it, she would still marry me. So, as she promised me of marriage, I decided to have a relationship with her, and we started our relationship on 31st October, 2015 and we made physical relationship on the same day, as a promise that we would marry each other. I had accepted her as my wife mentally, and never ever after that I thought about leaving her. This was my first relationship with anyone in my whole life. I lost my virginity which I thought I would lose after marriage only because I cannot make physical relationship with more than one woman. Just because she promised me a marriage, I took this step and had physical relationship with her. But now, for no reason, without telling me anything, she left me. She did not tell me anything why is she leaving, what are the reasons, she just changed her number and when I tried to contact her by other means, she made a police complain against me. Now I cannot contact her because even after she cheated me, left me, she has this advantage of being a woman in this country. Sir, when you accept someone mentally, it’s almost impossible for you to let them go. Getting married on a paper is very different from getting married mentally because even after marriages, many women are not able to accept their husband and to have physical relationship with them because I understand such things take time, they ae not prepared mentally for it. And if a man tries to force her, it would be rape after marriage also. But once woman is ready mentally, she makes relationships with her husband. So basically, it’s your mental relationship which matters more, yes legal relationship is also important. As I accepted this girl as my wife, now I can never have any relationship with any other woman. She promised me marriage, I accepted her on that promise and had physical relationship with her, but now she refused marriage, she has raped me. My whole life is ruined now as I am not able to accept that she cheated me and I cannot take any action against her, I cannot even ask her few questions as police and our law system are so biased. Most importantly, I cannot accept any other woman now because I accepted her as my wife. What should I do now? I cannot take any other girl as my wife now, because I am still mentally married to her but she cheated me. She promised me a marriage, made physical relationship with me, but now she is denying marriage. Even when I haven’t done anything wrong, even when I have all evidences to support my case, still I cannot do anything against a criminal. When my constitution has promised me right to equality, but my constitution also cheated me like this girl. Equal protection of law means that law provides equal opportunities to all those who are in similar circumstances or situation. So, if a woman was in similar situation, she would have all the rights to punish the criminal but when a man is in same situation, there is no law to serve him justice. I just want to ask how is it right to equality when our law discriminates on the basis of gender. Then why do we expect others to not discriminate on the basis of gender? I always hated sex ratio in Haryana and thought it is so cruel that people kill girls even before they are born. But now I think actually it is good because when these girls are grown up, they would ruin a man’s life.This is just not about me, I have seen many women who promised marriage and made physical relationship with a guy, but later refused to marry him and the guy cannot do anything. I have also seen many men committed suicide because of this only, still I know few people who have been suffering the same and few are trying to end their lives. A man’s life is so cheap in our country and I am so ashamed for the first time in my life of being an Indian and to be born in India. A country where you cannot get justice only because you are a man. Sir, there is a fact that people who do not get justice, find their own way to get it. They go on the wrong path and do something illegal and some commit suicides also which is also crime. Now I understand why do they choose this way because law cannot provide them justice. I also get wrong thoughts about doing something wrong, but I am not a criminal and I don’t want to be one. I still have faith in my law system that it will give me justice, it will restore my faith in my constitution and this country. I cannot do anything in my life because I am not able to accept this fact, not able to accept that I cannot get justice. I accepted this girl as my wife from my heart, now I can never accept anyone else, I cannot get married ever because I cannot get justice. I know people whose careers are ruined because of this, also people who are trying to end their life because they are not able to take it. Many people have gone into depression because of such things and it is a fact that number of youth in depression because of relationships’ issues is very large in India. Laws should be equal for both. No matter if it’s a girl or a boy, anyone who does wrong, commits crime, must be punished. Women have their ways to get justice if a man promise them marriage and makes physical relationship with them but then leaves, he would be punished, So I am just requesting if a woman commits the same crime, same punishment should be given to her also. I am raped by a girl, and I want my justice. I have seen men throwing acids on girls, killing girls or ending their lives because of this thing only, because they couldn’t get justice and they have no way to get it. They decide to go on a wrong way. But I can’t do this either, I am not a criminal, therefore I am requesting my law to allow us a way to get justice, this will definitely reduce the number to acid attacks and murders because of such thing. Because if there’s a way to punish the criminal, then not everyone will take law in their hands to serve justice in a wrong way. So please give me and many others like me justice, otherwise allow me end my life, because I won’t be able to live in such situation anymore. I am not able to eat, not able to study, not able to work. There is no point to live a life like this. I cannot live in a country where law discriminates men and women, where a criminal is allowed to roam freely, where a victim can’t get justice. So please give me justice, which is my right, and if my constitution, my country, my law, can’t give me justice, then give me permission to end my life, because I don’t want to become a criminal like others. It would stop many crimes and many people’s life would be saved.



Our fundamental right, Right to equality, should be implemented properly. Same punishment should be given to men and women for the same crimes. If a woman leaves a man after physical relationship on a promise of marriage, it is also a rape and a rapist must be punished. Because it is true that it happens and many men have committed suicide because they couldn’t get justice. And if I won’t get justice, I am afraid I may have to take the same step because living a life like this is of no use to anyone. I have been raped and I am just asking for my right, I am just asking for justice. I am just asking for equal rights for everyone, nothing more. We must have it.

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