PM should fulfill assurance to disqualify MPs with criminal background.

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In 2014 LS election of India, BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi during his campaign assured country that if He get chance to rule, he will clean parliament on priority. He will form a committee and ask it to go through MPs affidavits which has been submitted to Election Commission and then will request Supreme Court of India to disqualify MPs with criminal background record. Firstly, It was Narendra Modi's ethitical duty not to give tickets to such candidates. But surprisingly, among 186 MPs with criminal background elected in 2014, highest nos were from Modi's BJP party. After getting power, during 5 years tenure PM Modi did nothing to disqualify such MPs or any other action to stop criminalisation of politics. In earlier election results, the Number has been increased to 233 and among them 116 are from BJP., Which have charges of Murder, attempt to murder, rape, offence related to women, hate speech etc. If the voice is not raised today, In future criminals will get absolute majority. It is danger for our democracy as well as country. Indian People who follow Mr PM, have faith in his leadership. They have voted him with faith that he will fulfill his assurances in the interest of country. Time has come to create pressure on PM, his government and parliament to take initiative. Please sign this petition in maximum nos. So that our voice should reach in parliament house.