I want to change the laws for rape issues in India and one day justice for rape victims

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Daily we see many rape cases, in order to that I am taking charge to fight for the changes to be made in law and the accused should be punished severely and one day justice is needed. By making new law every one should have fear to do these sort of things.

We are living in a society which got independence in 1947 and till now there is no safety and respect towards girls and women in India.

I strongly protest to not to hoist flag on the coming Independence Day(Aug 15,2018)if the parliament and assembly doesn’t  take a decision about new law in  rape and women safety  issues.

Lets make a new laws and make more complex punishments and save girl child and give justice in 24 hours.

The law should be developed in such a way that a person should think twice to touch a girl.