Change Laws to Ensure MediClaims Litigation decisions in timebound manner

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All relevant Law should be amended to give priority to cases in all courts where question of life and health is involved. Courts cannot give long dates to hear insurance claims or compensation, when person is in Hospital or sick and badly looking for financial help for treatment and life saving medication. Today there is no such provision to give priority to such cases and these cases must be address in time bound manner. Insurance companies drags cases to delay the compensation for them it is routine busiess but for people it is question of life and death. Sad but this is fact in Indian courts today.

Health claims dates of patients suffering in hospitals are  coming after claim for car maintenance or non-critical claims like over billing, poor maintenance, overcharged tickets, etc. Is this fair? 

Like in CrPC maintenance of wife, children & parents, request to be addressed in 60 days. The same should be in case of consumer laws & insurance laws. If required, separate  cell should be created to handle such sensitive cases.

A claim delayed is a claim denied and life gone due to lack of timely medical help by medical service providers because insurance companies delaying the claim.

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