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Make entertainment viable in Guyana

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Dear law makers,

We the people implore you to move from the point of recognition to action on the archaic laws that permeates our land.

Mote specifically, we wish for a timely address of the laws governing entertainment which has taken a battering in the last 18 months with the time restriction aka curfew.

Welcome to the twilight zone called Guyana where a permit is given by the authorities for an entertainment event, yet said permit can be revoked at the whim of the senior officer on the ground. Thousands if not millions are lost.
Hundreds of jobs have been lost and businesses are folding thereby leading to a poorer quality of life and an inclination towards crime and illicit activities.
It is time to engage and change what is killing the entertainment industry in Guyana.

The entertainment industry includes, but certainly not limited to, parties, concerts, barbecues, clubs, open-air events, with the inter-related businesses of security, clothing stores, salons, taxi-services, food and beverage, telecommunications, and the list goes on. 

The direct dissuading of the primary businesses have a negative impact on the secondary businesses and a direct contribution on the quality of life of Disc Jockeys, Selectors, Sound System crews, lighting staff, party service, barbers, cosmetologist, taxi drivers, store attendants, waiters and waitresses, security officers, cooks, cleaners, and a never-ending list.

Constructive legislation will seek to reverse the misfortunes and build on the gains which will in turn contribute handsomely towards the state's resources via the necessary taxes.

Make the change.

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