The Canadian Criminal Code Needs An Overhaul

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We would like to see significant changes to the Canadian Criminal Code particularly pertaining to:

1) Property crimes (Shoplifting, theft, breaking & entering, robbery (including armed robbery), etc) whereby it becomes mandatory to prosecute where there is enough evidence to proceed and minimum sentences are put in place (instead of repeated probation orders for repeat offenders). People are fed up of seeing repeat offenders getting a slap on the wrist only to reoffend.

2) Significant improvements to Canadian citizen's rights to defend themselves, their families, their homes, and their property. Criminals have more rights than victims and they know it. If someone breaks into your house, where the criminal is clearly not supposed to be, you defend yourself, and the criminal gets hurt, you the home owner are more likely to get charged with an offense rather than the criminal breaking into your home.

It's not ok for criminals to victimize the hard working citizens of Canada and not be held accountable for their crimes. Insurance rates are climbing at an unprecedented rate and a lot of it is due to a substantial increases in claims due to theft.

It is time law abiding citizens had more rights than criminals.

We call upon Canadian lawmakers, and the crown counsels who are supposed to prosecute criminals, to take a bigger stand against property crimes. Property crimes are NOT petty crimes; they are crimes against Candian Citizens who deserve better than what we are currently getting. Property Crimes erode the ability for hard working canadians to provide for their families.

If criminals are held properly accountable for their property crimes, and repeat offenders are taken off the streets, then it is only logical that the annual number of property crimes in Canada, would start to decline and maybe one day law abiding Canadian Citizens will start feeling safe in their own communities.