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Stop Coerced/Forced Abortions.

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It is a widely known fact that abortions are a highly sensitive and a bit of a taboo topic. I don't think they are talked about enough, or that there is enough protection for women who do not want one. It is grossly down played to the public on Coerced and Forced abortions and how common they really are. They say that it is illegal to force someone to have an unwanted abortion, yet it still happens. Women are made to lie to their doctors that this is what they truly want, otherwise it will not be done, as it is not voluntary. The highest killer of pregnant women is homicide done by the partner, who wanted a women to get an abortion. Not always is it taken as far as homicide, but there are still negative effects that can happen if a women does not want an abortion, but the "forcee" does; other forms of physical violence, mental, emotional, psychological abuse, threats, and given ultimatums.

This not only goes for men who push abortions, it goes for ANYONE who pushes abortion on someone; Family, Friends, Employers, Health Care Workers. 

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