Keep Canada Day on Canada Day--July 1st!

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This year Canada Day falls on a Sunday, which means many businesses and multiple municipalities have opted to celebrate Canada Day on July 2nd, the Monday following.  This means that many Canadians, who do not have weekends off, will have to work July 1st without the benefit of receiving additional pay for working on a statutory holiday.

We the Undersigned,

1. Feel that it is unacceptable for businesses to require employees of non-essential services to work on July 1st, regardless of what day it falls upon, without having received their consent;

2. Find it to be immoral to force non-essential service employees to work July 1st without "Stat Pay";

3. Consider it unacceptable to move the date of Canada Day celebrations, and by moving them to another day devalues the importance of the holiday itself, and its significance in the birth of our great country;

4. Demand that beginning immediately, Canada Day shall always be celebrated on July 1st, regardless of what day of the week it happens to fall upon, just as other nations and states celebrate their national holidays and birthdays on the actual days.

5. Believe that if Canada Day falls on a weekend, those businesses which are closed on weekends should offer either a Friday or a Monday as compensation for those who otherwise wouldn't benefit from the holiday;

6. Are concerned that by moving one specific calendar holiday, what is to stop businesses and governments from moving other holidays and events that are not fixed to one specific day of the week?  Such examples being Christmas and New Year's Day, with questions about Easter remaining as well.