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Petition To the House of Commons in Parliament assembled\

We the undersigned residents of Cape Breton Island, draw the attention of the Parliament to the following:

That the unconventional and undemocratic annexation of Cape Breton Island (CBI) to Nova Scotia in 1820 has ever since deprived CBI of the inestimable privilege of self-government and swindled the residents of CBI out of their rights, liberty, and independence. It has also effectively robbed CBI of its revenue, taken away its regulation of trade and taxation, exposed it to arbitrary legislation over which we have had little or no control, and in which we possess but a politically marginalized and ineffective representation.[1]

The annexation scheme of 1820 has also deprived CBI of its invaluable natural resources, roads, ports, railroads, and other property, and reduced this otherwise free, happy, hard working and culturally rich island to a degraded condition of ‘servile dependency’ on the governments of Nova Scotia and Canada.[2]

We  the residents of Cape Breton Island maintain, ‘change’ is needed.

Whereas ironically, in 1868 Nova Scotia - Canada’s first separatist province - passed a motion in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly refusing to recognize the legitimacy of Canadian Confederation,

And, whereas the 1868 Act has never subsequently been rescinded, we the residents of Cape Breton Island hereby declare ‘Provincial Independence’ and endorse the Confederation of Canada.

CBI’s Counties of Inverness, Richmond, Victoria and Cape Breton are hereby called upon to form a Provincial Legislative Assembly on an equitably appointed basis to serve until an elected assembly is gathered.

And, therefore your petitioners call upon the Parliament of Canada to act within its powers:

(1)to recognize and accept Cape Breton Island as Canada’s 11th province and newest member of the Canadian Union of Sovereign Provinces;

And, whereas the People of Cape Breton Island have expressed the desire for recognition of the Province of Cape Breton Island as a distinct society;

(2) the Parliament of Canada recognize that the Province of Cape Breton Island is a distinct society within Canada;

(3) the Parliament of Canada recognize that the Province of Cape Breton Island’s distinct society includes its French, Gaelic and Mik’maq languages and their unique cultures;

(4) the Parliament of Canada undertake to be guided by this reality; and

(5) the Parliament of Canada encourage all components of the legislative and executive branches of government to take note of this recognition and be guided in their conduct accordingly.

[1] adapted from Sir Joseph Howe’s plea for Nova Scotian independence from Canada. [2] Ibid.

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