Referendum: All States/Territories but QLD to leave Australia, and join New Zealand.

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WE, the fair and free PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA [except Queenslanders, they're most of the problem frankly] hereby petition the Lower and Upper Houses of the Parliament of Australia.

WHEREAS our current government and opposition parties have proven themselves to be steaming piles of dung for years, having lost all sense of moral direction, leadership [not to mention several Prime Ministers... how careless], and responsibility to the PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, looking after their respective lobby groups and donors first;

WHEREAS Jacinda Ardern and the New Zealand Parliament are clearly competent in respect of both serving and leading their communities - building unity instead of division, with a vision of peace and prosperity for all citizens;

WHEREAS Queenslanders in particular seem particularly unable to integrate with the vast majority of peace-loving Aussies, and keep electing right wing assholes to parliament like Anning, Katter, Christensen, Roberts and Hanson;

THEREFORE WE, the fair and free PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA [except Queensland, you're not invited, you'll just wreck it for everyone else] request a NATIONAL REFERENDUM to (1) secede from the Nation of Australia [aka QUEXIT]; and (2) petition the Nation of New Zealand to join them as the "Western Isles" of said Nation, subject to the Constitution and Laws of New Zealand, and their amazing and inspirational government and Prime Minister.

NOTWITHSTANDING the sheer uselessness of the very parties to whom we make this Petition to actually do the will of the PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, we the undersigned do make this solemn request.