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It's not enough that Same Love is playing at the NRL GF: let's make it the national anthem

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Rapper Macklemore will perform his song "Same Love" at this Sunday's NRL Grand Final and Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott and other conservative figures on the "No" side of the postal survey on marriage equality are unhappy that a pro-equality message is being pushed by the NRL.

But it's not enough to play this song at the NRL.

We need to make it our national anthem.

"Same Love" topped the charts in Australia in January 2013, knocking Macklemore's previous hit "Thrift Shop" out to get to number 1.

Australians love Macklemore: he's white, he likes cheap clothes, he's allegedly not threatening but doesn't like to wear a shirt, he loves a flannie, he thinks he can rap, he tells you he has a large penis without any reason to do so, he shares the glory with his mate (Ryan Lewis) because he doesn't dog his mates, he likes telling authority figures where to go...

He's basically every bloke in an NRL or AFL crowd, or just your mate at the counter at the pub. He's Australian as it comes.

And who doesn't want an anthem that celebrates equality and egalitarianism in love and all other things? Sports shouldn't be politicised, but there's nothing more political than a country's national anthem.


Let's get this beyond the roughly 9K signers on the other petition.

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