Electronic tracking device fitted to all perpetrators of family and domestic violence.

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We all know by now that domestic violence orders (DVO’s) aren’t working. 

This petition has been created to change the laws around perpetrators and victims of family and domestic violence .

We propose a new law that would impose all perpetrators of family and domestic violence to have an electronic tag placed on them when they are served with a DVO. This tag will alert both the victim and the police that the perpetrator is in violation of their DVO (or within an unsafe distance) and for the victim to seek safety immediately. If the tag is damaged or broken it will also alert both the police and victim. Any additional persons under threat, including children, will also be alerted of the breach of DVO and to seek safety immediately. 

The current cost of domestic violence to the Australian economy is estimated at 22 billion dollars annually. 

Leaving a relationship is the most dangerous time for victims. It is estimated that in 50-75% of cases, once a victim leaves, their perpetrators violence escalates to an astronomical level most often resulting in homicide. At present one women per week is murdered by her current or former partner, so why are we still so behind the times in properly addressing this issue? Why are acts of violence against intimate partners still not viewed as criminal acts and treated as such? 

The device is not only to be used as an alert system but as a deterrent. It is also to encourage victims to report violence in the first instance knowing that they will actually be protected.

Think of how many lives this could have saved by something that is already being successfully used in the criminal justice system. Rowan Baxter was hiding in a garden in front of Hannah’s parents home before he ambushed her and the children on the school run setting alight their vehicle. This device could have afforded Hannah and her children the time and awareness to flee and seek safety. 

Together we can ensure that the loss of innocent lives of Hannah Clarke and her three beautiful children, at the hands of family and domestic violence, will not be in vain.