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Australian visitor visa application approval for non contagious extra-pulmonary tb persons

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My petition (EN0351) has been submitted to the Australian Parliament and I have until 11 October to collect signatures. The signatures need to be done through their website otherwise they don't count, so I have added a link below.

Below is what I submitted to the Australian Parliament:

"We ask the House to differentiate between contagious pulmonary and non contagious extra pulmonary tuberculosis when it comes to granting visitors visas for persons who are on current treatment, have clear radiographs and bloods and who are otherwise deemed to be in good health.

At present the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) does not distinguish between pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB) is not found in the lungs and is thus classified as not being contagious and poses no risk to the population.

According to a publication found on internet/main/publishing.nsf/ content/ D140EDF48C0A0CEACA257BF0001A35 37/$File/TB-2.0-april2015.pdf, extra-pulmonary tuberculosis has a ‘negligible or none’ degree of infectiousness of the case and also states that there is ‘no restrictions on the movement of patients with extra-pulmonary disease, who have had pulmonary TB excluded or those with negative sputum smears on adequate therapy'. However the MOC states that they do not differentiate between the two types of tuberculosis.

We ask the House to please review this as it deeply affects immigrants, permanent residents and citizens who have family living overseas and have chosen to make Australia their home. Many of us haven't seen our families for years and have special circumstances for wanting/needing family to be with us. Your consideration is greatly appreciated."

This cause is very important to me as my mother will miss the birth of her first grandchild because the government doesn't distinguish between extra pulmonary and pulmonary tb. My mother's non contagious extra pulmonary tb has been dormant for years (likely picked up during her nursing years) and because she's taking immunosuppressant drugs for rheumatoid arthritis this has brought forth the dormant tb. She is in no way a risk to the population and even though the Australian government states the above in the publication, they still insist that they do not distinguish between contagious and non contagious.

My husband and I immigrated to Australia almost five years ago with just two suitcases and not knowing anyone here. We have no other family in Australia and that is why this is so important to both of us.

Your help and signatures will be greatly appreciated!

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