Stop God Father of corruption and PM of Pakistan to Visit to Australia

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A visit of the Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif is planned on 30th of June 2017, I am failing to understand that how could Australian media, policy makers, foreign office and High Commissioner of Australia for Pakistan have missed out on Panama Leaks and on going investigations against God Father of corruption (as per Pakistan Supreme Court) issue.

Prime Minister of Pakistan is one of the accused and beneficiary of corruption via Hudabia Paper Mills & Mehran Bank scandle in early 90's during his 1st term and the owner of 4 most expensive real estate in London - Park Lane.  He has been convicted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan by 2/5 judges panel and has been referred to appear against a 'Joint Investigation Tribunal' in Islamabad on his pending accusations. 

It is shameful and unfortunate that a sitting Prime Minister who is accused of money laundering, corruption & numerous other crimes is visiting Australia on Pakistani tax payers expense and our Australian Government will host him at the Australian Tax payers money, where he will meet Australian authorities and make decisions that will directly or indirectly impact ordinary poor public of Pakistan as well as our reputation of standing by this corrupt personality. 

I see this visit as a question mark to Australian moral & ethical standards, and I would urge the Australian law makers to excuse Pakistan MoFA & there offices in Australia to postpone this visit until the PM Nawaz Shareef is cleared of his charges pending in the court of law.

Or else this visit will be seen by Pakistani people as helping a criminal by the Australian law makers in day light. He along with his 3 children are named in the Panama leaks of financial corruption. 2/3 children of Pakistani Prime Minister have so far appeared at JIT & the PM himself. So, many other family members including his brother-in-Law the finance minister Mr Ishaaq Dar, his brother and chief minister of Punjab Mr Shehbaz Shareef have also been asked to testify at JIT (Joint Investigation Team).

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