Petition Closed

In the most recent statistics that we have from the Minsitry of Women Affairs of Afghanistan in 1391(2012) year we see :
Total occured violence :6824
Murder: 127
suicide: 16
self immolation: 18
sexual abuse(rape): 74
Family violence: 970
beating : 736
small age marriage: 27
in another statistics from the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission 400 incidents of Murder for Honor and rape has been recorded. Furthermore visual evidences are also present as the proof of violence that can be reached from

These events are really worrying and sad, Afghanistan is among the countries in which the Human Rights are disregarded to a very large extent. For misoccurence of the forementioned unpleasant events we have to take actions rather than staying silent and not striving for the rights of human beings which is wrong according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Letter to
Parliament of Afghanistan
Speaker of the Parliament Abdul Rauf IBRAHIMI
I hereby kindly request the Parliament of Afghanistan to reconsider and approve the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women. As far as Women have equal rights as men, it is my responsibility to take actions for their rights.