Government needs to address Gender Based Violence in South Africa. NO MORE ALL TALK!

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In Sierra Leone the president declared 200 rapes for a year a state of emergency.

South Africa’s murders against women are currently around 3000 per year, whilst sexual offenses against women are at 50 000 per year. 

Signing this petition will make our government realise that we are no longer tolerating this. Gender based violence needs to be discussed and addressed from the state level due to our society’s embedded violence against women. We need measures in place that will aim to eradicate violence against women, rid our society of toxic patriarchal values and ensure gender justice. 

SAWFB has come up with great solutions that the government should have ensured years ago! Please find their suggestions here: & don’t forget to sign their petition too!

Please Note: Donations via goes to advertising this petition. I do not personally receive any of the money nor do I benefit in any shape or form from this petition. I've merely created this in memory of all the women, children who've died from GBV - an issue that is threatening the livelihood of many South Africans as we speak.