Lord Rami Ranger to be immediately suspended from party for breach of Equality act 2010

Lord Rami Ranger to be immediately suspended from party for breach of Equality act 2010

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I am calling for Lord Rami Ranger to be immediately suspended by the Conservative Party for breaching the Equality Act 2010 in victimising me. I was a  female employee of his business and I who sought his support having been sexually harassed by one of his male managers Mr. Kapil Sharma.
I believe that Lord Ranger is the first Lord to have breached the Equality Act 2010.
I attach a copy of the Employment Tribunal judgment.

Lord Ranger lost his appeal that the claimant was harassed and directly discriminated against by him.

Ranger and Ahuja won their appeals against the finding that they victimised the claimant.

The same Tribunal will now reconsider the victimisation findings and may call more evidence to make a fresh decision or revisit their old findings.

Mr Sharma lost his appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) and Court of Appeal.
After I was sexually harassed at work, I went to Lord Ranger for support. 
Lord Ranger’s intemperate reaction to my seeking assistance from him was caught in the telephone call which I recorded after he began to harass me.
The Employment Tribunal found as a fact that his intemperate response to me in the recorded part of the call was as follows (para 4 of the Judgment): -
(a) he would not ‘spare her’;
(b) he would get the evidence together and see her in Court;
(c) she was insolent;
(d) she had no virtues and compared her to a female member of a non-elite peasant caste (Jatt);
(e) she was silly and stupid;
(f) she was a liar;
(g) she was an absolute troublemaker;
(h) she was a horrible girl; and
(i) she had ruined her parents’ honour”.
These prejudicial comments were made by Lord Ranger before my complaints about the sexual harassment were formally processed as a grievance.  
The full Judgment for case number 3334669/2018 is published at the online Employment Tribunal judgment site. Please read it. The judgment of the Employment Tribunal was unanimous.
You can learn more about it in the following link:-
I am opposing Lord Ranger’s appeal. In my view, if a victim of sexual harassment can be described as a “horrible girl” and harassed, discriminated against and victimised  by Lord Ranger in that manner, the protection for sexual harassment victims under the Equality Act 2010 would cease to have any meaning.
Prior to the outcome of Lord Ranger’s appeal, I believe that he must be suspended from Parliament for his proven breaches of the Equality Act 2010.
Further, Lord Ranger has not dismissed the sexual harasser Mr Sharma who remains employed. However, and by contrast, I have been made “redundant”. I have issued a new victimisation claim at the ET in respect of that dismissal which I claim was unlawful but which the employer claims was lawful and fair.
The net result of my dismissal is that I am now unemployed while continuing to fight my claims against this powerful Lord.  
Further, pending the outcome of his appeal, I am also calling for the Whip to be immediately removed from him.
I have written to the Prime Minister to effect Lord Ranger’s immediate suspension and withdrawal of the Whip.
In addition, I request the Prime Minister to advise Lord Ranger to terminate the employment of the sexual harasser Mr Kapil Sharma given the ET judgment. Otherwise the #MeToo message Lord Ranger is sending to his staff is that sexual harassers will be protected and sexual harassment victims who speak up will be made to “suffer” and victimised and made “redundant”. 
It is a matter of record that the Conservative Party has accepted a lot of money by way of political contributions from Lord Ranger over the years. That should not prevent the Prime Minister from doing the right thing and suspending Lord Ranger immediately.
Parliament, the home of our democracy, and like our Prime Minister and the Conservative Party as the party of Government, it should set an example to other places of work in combatting sexism and those male Parliamentarians who discriminate against female victims of sexual harassment.
Parliamentarians should not be supported by the Conservative Party having been found by a court (ET) to have breached the Equality Act 2010.
Any failure to suspend Lord Ranger (and to dismiss the sexual harasser Mr X) would be entirely contrary to #MeToo  which aims not only to end sexual harassment but also the sexist workplace culture in which business owners defend and support the male perpetrator of the sexual harassment, and victimise me, the female victim.
Lord Ranger did not commit any sexual harassment himself, but his retaliatory action against me as a victim of sexual harassment was appalling and illegal, and I believe that Lord Ranger’s unlawful conduct adversely affected my health as much as the sexual harassment by Mr X itself. After Lord Ranger’s unlawful victimisation of me I became very ill and I went on long term sick leave until I was made “redundant”.

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