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Keep Personal Insults, Attacks and Character Assassination Out of British Politics

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The General Election 2017 witnessed unprecedented, almost American-like, levels of personal insults and character assassination. 

While some newspapers have always resorted to such base tactics, what was alarming this year was how senior UK leaders and politicians (including senior cabinet ministers) resorted to character assassination rather than focus on policy.

Prime Minister Theresa May for example claimed that Jeremy Corbyn would go ‘alone and naked’ into Brexit negotiations. Instead of being shocked by such language, her audience laughed and normalised that level of personal insults and denigration of another political leader.

While people may disagree on policy, Parliament should ensure the following:

a)    Personal insults, attacks and character assassination should have no place in British politics and public discourse.

b)    Political leaders need to be mindful that their words and public statements influence many people either for good or ill.

c)     Politicians and the media should be role models for decency in our public conversation and avoid giving the impression to general public that it is acceptable to insult, vituperate, heckle, insult, ridicule and attack people with a differing viewpoint .

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