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I want this petition to help end the destruction of wildlife and nature in Warwickshire due to hs2. This is particularly felt along the Fosse Way between Long Itchington and Leamington, where ancient precious trees all along the Fosse and Moreton’s farm are being ripped out. In addition, Cubbington woods is set to be destroyed in order to make way for extra roads for machinery in order to build this obsolete railway, which will have no benefit for the residents surrounding the destruction and Warwickshire itself. In total, a green area that is sizeable to Greater Manchester is being completely destroyed and covered over by concrete, in order to make way for not only the railway, but temporary roads for heavy ghastly machinery to make this unnecessary railway. Just today I have had the horror of witnessing a large majestic tree being merciless tore down by the workers of hs2. 
Be a part of change in your local area, make a difference for future generations and please join me in helping the destruction of wildlife, in the midst of an era of change.