Lets CHANGE the way DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is dealt with Australia

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Let's change Domestic Violence in Australia, once and for all. I use suggestions from real victims, from honest violent perpetrators. Why are we not listening to the victims who have lived in fear, loss, grief, pain, and abuse? Let's hear from victims who have children, who have lived the real life of domestic violence. Let's change how the Australian Domestic Violence Act rehabilitates the perpetrator. Let us dramatically change and affect the abuser's life, not the victims.

I strongly present, after empirical research and discussions with victims of domestic violence, there is an answer to solve domestic violence in Australia. It Starts with changing the thought processes and actions of the perpetrators, not the victims.

*** In 2006-2007 domestic violence indicated over 60% of deaths occurred in a violent intimate relationship.(Relationships between female victim and offenders death, aic.gov.au)

**** In 2006-2007 Relationship between child victim and offender was over 69%. (Relationship between child victim and offender in 2006-07, aic.gov.au)

This does not represent the 'dark figure' of crime - The unreported, untold stories of domestic violence victims. So many victims feel pressured by the perpetrators, family members, society judgment of broken homes & involvement of having children.

Domestic violent events taking place in domestic homes are commonly going unreported in fear of violent repercussions for reporting the fact of violence, the fear during police involvement, facing the perpetrator alone during court attendance, children being subject to Child Social Services being involved or children being removed and inclusive of the mental control of the victim. Most victims highlight the mental control of threats listing the repercussions being the major factor for not reporting the abuse. Reverse physiological abuse and violent threats presented over long periods of time sense's the violent list of what the repercussions will be if the victim was to contact police. "Ill Tell them you're a bad mother, and you don't deserve the kids, ill make sure you'll never see your kids again if you tell anyone iv bashed you"; 'I'll hunt you down and kill you if you send me to jail, you deserved the beating anyway'. We need to consider how much pressure is placed on the victim when domestic violence is reported and how the justice system affects the victim and their kids:

**-The police attendance, court attendance, AVO reports, Child services involvement, neglect of support and abandonment from family members, fear of retaliation by the perpetrator, moving home or living in a refuge while struggling to provide for children in their care, Starting all over again without a single possession, just to eliminate violence from their lives, not to mention long-term counselling for all involved concluding their lives of fear of retaliation.

This long list of life-changing events diminishes the positive outcome for a victim in reporting domestic violence, a lot of victims will stay involved in the violence, because there really is no platform to positively seek a change for their lives. Yes, the violence is eliminated from their lives, though when the police leave the victims home, or the victim walks out of court, or the social worker finishes the counseling session; Who really suffers? The children and the victim for a very long period of time.

We as victims seek a positive change to how Domestic Violence is dealt with in Australia. Let us empower our victims to report the abuse, by providing them with a platform to seek help for the perpetrator.

There is endless funding placed in the victims of domestic violence which is excellent, we need more.

Though Australia has forgotten to rehabilitated the men and women who think mentally and physically abusing people is acceptable.

Let's see the implementation of Life management programs and Family Abuse Management Courses mandatory for each and every perpetrator that walks into that courtroom accused of domestic violence.

We want the Australian Government to change the minds of these abusers, educated them to love, respect and be honorable people towards their partners and children. Let us change what is socially acceptable, by focusing on the accused, not the victims.

Malcolm Turnball, if you care about these victims and children in Australia who suffer from violence and abuse, empower them with a positive platform to feel like they are changing the perpetrator's life, not disabling theirs and their children's lives.

We have the opportunity to bring families together, change what is socially acceptable by stamping out that violence is ok. We can change the source of the domestic violence, by fixing the problem which is the abuser's mentality, not the victims.

Arm and empower the victims with a positive tool that they can make a difference by reporting the abuse, by the encouragement that the abuser will go through reformative family management programs focusing on how to treat, interact, respect, communicate, and become an involved team member in a family environment.

If domestic abuse is foreseen to be taught through generations of family abuse, let us stop this disease inside family homes, inside family relationships.

Australia wants to see programs and courses just like the program's setup for drink drives, pedophiles, murders rehabilitation. Followed ups and testing programs that ensure relapse violence is not taking place. Proceeding relapse of abuse that stronger penalties are applied.

Malcolm Turnbull, Listen to what Australian victims want, let us save families, men and women's lives through education and mandatory rehabilitation.

Stand with us 'everyday Australians' and consider presenting a Parliamentary Bill to make change for domestic violence in reform of perpetrator rehabilitation.

Anger Management classes are not inline with the values need in educating against domestic violence nor are they appriopriate. We are dealing with verbal, physcial and mental abuse outgrading the framework taught within anger management.

 *****- If victims would like to express their views, or express their story dealing while dealing with domestic violence, please send your view or stories to email: hpgrooming@hotmail.com


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