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Drop kerbs

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Did you know that if you have a drop kerb enabling access to a drive/garage it is completely legal for anyone to park over it, as long as they are not blocking you in (and as long as you don't have double yellow lines)? So you could go to work one morning and not be able to park on your drive/in your garage when you return. This law relies totally on people's good will. If anyone did decide to park over your drive whilst you were out, there would be absolutely nothing you could do about it, except wait for them to move (which could take days). I can think of housing estates, where if people decided to park over everyone's drives it would result in chaos. Areas where resident parking schemes are in force would become more congested if people couldn't access their drives/garages. Indeed, if you have a drive, the number of parking permits you are allowed are restricted. So parking schemes would like you to use your garage/drive if you have one, but the law doesn't support your use of it. And generally, if someone has given up a portion of the front of their property to vehicular storage, it seems potty that their ability to use it is not supported by the law and relies entirely on people's good will.

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