Criminalise Trade Secret Infringement In the UK

Criminalise Trade Secret Infringement In the UK

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Ebere Ikerionwu
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Trade Secrets are secrets that add value to a business. They are a generally less well-known form of intellectual property right. With a trade secret you could be the next Google.

In today's intellectual property based world, trade secrets like algorithms can mean do or die for a business. Things like recipes, production processes are often protected as trade secrets, even strategy and innovative practices can be trade secrets if kept secret and if they convey a business advantage by being kept secret.

Trade secrets affect everyone, from our choco eggs to TV programmes, acting methods to search algorithms (Google) our lives have changed as technology and new products have emerged. These tech innovations are not just patented, many are still protected as trade secrets.

Even better, your ideas  (e.g.craft and arts) implemented to make a little money from your hobbies can, if they have a particular style or way of creation different from the norm be naturally protected this way. Trade secret violations are one of the top ten reasons why small businesses stop trading. This needs to stop now.

At the moment, Trade secret regulations sanction infringer's with cautionary measures and rarely compensatory measures. This means our trade secrets are often violated without impunity and with no fear of prosecution. Even worse, civil costs deter many people from seeking justice such that it looks and feels for small businesses and individuals like a victimless crime since much of it cannot be proven.

Infringers can be anyone, from large companies playing God to smaller companies with the ability to fish thoughts out of neural holes, the extent of the crime can be frightening. This is where Parliament comes in. We need stronger rules and criminal prosecution similar to US rules on Trade Secret Violation to stop infringers and help Small Businesses grow.