Bring back the nit nurse at schools

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I like many other parents do my child’s hair and check for nits weekly! My daughter is allergic to all nit solution,which gives her a rash and makes her eyes swell up ! I am fighting for the nit nurse to be bought back to schools as their are many parents that do not do their children’s hair !!! I think that it makes a massive impact on children’s education as if their constantly itching they are not fully engaged in learning, and in some cases can be bullied for having nits !! I know many people who had the nit nurse in school and kept nits to a minimum! I did my child’s hair on Tuesday night it is now only Thursday and she is riddled with them like nothing I have ever seen before I try my best to keep her hair up tight , still no luck with keeping them away I know all the parents that do do their children’s hair must feel the same please sign ! Thank you !