Make Canada Great Again Demand Accountability!!!

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I'm asking Canadian Citizens Nation wide to insist that the Canadian Criminal Code be ENFORCED, and that our Department of Justice, Federal Law Enforcement, and both elected  and non-elected Government Officials UPHOLD THE OATHS that they swore to TRULY AND FAITHFULLY EXECUTE THEIR DUTY! These crimes against the Country of Canada and the Canadian Citizens are completely UNACCEPTABLE and to not insist upon ACCOUNTABILITY will make us remiss in our duty to our future generations of Canadians.

Oaths of Office Regulations:,_c._1242/FullText.html

Offences Against The Administration Of Law And Justice:

C.C.C.;Criminal Negligence:

C.C.C.;Obstructing Justice:

RCMP Act;Duties:

Peel's Principles Of Law Enforcement:

The Quiggin Report.File#18-004212:

Tom Quiggin Live- Country Before Party:

Submitted to the Commissioner To The RCMP Brenda Lucki whom I allege has been Obstructing justice with her Dereliction of Duty by Suppressing the Substantial Evidence of a myriad of Criminal Offences committed by numerous Members of the Liberal Party of Canada including Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau.These crimes include but are not limited to the following;

High Treason and Treason.

The funding of International and Domestic Terrorism.

National Security (CSIS):

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission For The RCMP.

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