Reinstate the Hollyford Valley access road in Fiordland

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Following the heavy rain in Fiordland National Park (FNP) at the start of February 2020 the Milford and also the Hollyford Valley access roads were badly damaged.. Repairs to the Milford road were promptly undertaken. However repairs to the popular 17km Hollyford Valley road and bridges originally formed in the 1930s have still not commenced. This compromises visitors driving access to this beautiful area for trampig,climbing,fishing,hunting,camping and day visitations. The famous Hollyford Valley Walk downvalley and on to the coast at Martins Bay and traditional access to all the FNP huts and infrastructure is now threatened with lack of practical accessability.

The road and past investment in the area needs protection. by reinstatement of an existing amenity. It is not a new road proposal being sought - just protecting the status quo.Funding should be available through the combined budgets or special funding arrangements of the NZTA, the Southland District Council, Dept of Conservation and other major investors in the area. Sharing the financial burden over several parties would appear to be a pragmatic solution.

Your support to this petition is needed to show support for access to this beautiful and historic section of your Fiordland National Park