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Put an end to sea-river-land littering: vote a law to forbid it in the Togean Islands and in the regency of Tojo Una-Una

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The Togean Islands are a true paradise on earth with its stunning reefs, white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and luxuriant tropical forest. But the archipelago (and more extensively the regency of Tojo Una-Una) is suffering from a huge garbage problem. Everywhere, most people are littering instead of using garbage bins.

In Ampana, litter is everywhere: on the street, in gutters, in the river, in fields, on the beach. On the public boats to Togean Islands (KM Puspita Sari or KM Togean) and the ferry (KM. Tuna Tomini), most Indonesian passengers dump their garbage overboard, and boat crews dump whole garbage bins' content to the sea. On Togean beaches, there is more and more marine debris washed up on the shore, brought back by the tides. Underwater, it is common to pick up floating trash or marine debris entangling marine life when diving. In Togean villages, litter is all over the place.

This has to stop. Nature is not a garbage bin. The future of this unique archipelago is at stake.

In Indonesia, Municipal Solid Waste Management is the responsibility of local governments.

Parliament and Local Government of Tojo Una-Una, please listen to the voice of all the people (both tourists and locals) who have visited the Togean Islands. They are shocked by what they have seen here, and they are asking you to:

• Vote a law forbidding any kinds of littering (sea, rivers and land).
• Ensure law enforcement without corruption.
• Implement a true waste management system for local communities, that is to say budget for and oversee waste collection and disposal (garbage bins, garbage collectors, waste separation, recycling facilities, composting, alternatives to waste burning...), raise awareness, and provide early environmental education through school curricula.
• Require that the industrial sector reduces solid waste generation from the earliest stages of production.

It is necessary that you legislate and allocate a bigger part of your budget to waste management. The increasing mass of solid waste and marine debris will eventually lead to environmental impacts and health problems (death of marine life, contamination of food chain, as well as groundwater, soil and air pollution), decline of local economy (fishing, farming) and of the tourism industry.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Please, take action.

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