A Bill for the British Government to Support the Independence and Sovereignty of Biafra

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To restore the Independence and Sovereignty of the Ancient West African nation of Biafra which was unilaterally terminated by the British Colonial Government in 1914 when the geographical area now known as south and north of what Lugard called Nigeria were forcefully ‘Amalgamated’.

The ‘Amalgamation’ was for purely British administrative convenience. The south is predominantly Christian and the north is predominantly Muslim. The three major nations of Igbo in the east, Hausa in the north and Yoruba in the west are long established nations that share nothing in common. The next major group is the middle belt Christian tribes that the north has tried unsuccessfully to coarse into becoming Muslim in the last 150 years. 

The result of this unholy union has been mutual hatred, ethnic cleansing, war, Genocide and a paralysed and pretentious country called Nigeria that simply cannot function as a nation state.

The Fulani, a minority migrant Arab tribe from across the desert that occupied Hausaland in 1804 and to whom the British handed over power have over the decades massacred and committed genocide against the middle belt and Biafran Christians and retained a monopoly of power.