alfies law

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little Alfie Evans today gained his angel wings at just 23 months,he's parents Tom and Kate have battled endlessly to do what is right for their son.

They went through all the judiciary system - time and time again the were refused to take THEIR son to Italy to receive treatment .

Alfie was made a Italian citizen and still wasn't able to leave alderhey where 'he was being treated .This was dispite having 4 hospitals willing to treat him ..different air ambulance willing to pick him up and at one point a military plane sent to alderhey and was waiting outside for him but no they just wouldn't allow him to leave 

Alfies life support was removed on Monday 23rd April and despite parents being told by a number of doctors he couldn't survive without it our little soilder fought and breathed unaided until Saturday 28th April.

Alfies parents had no say over his care ,treatments and was told time and time again they could not do what they said was right for their son..

MEP Steven woolfe is champaigning for make sure us parents keep our parental rights make sure WE decide what's best for OUR children. 

We are heart broken Alfie has gained his wings and my thoughts are with Tom Kate and his family ..but let's do this in his honour of Alfie ....lets make sure no other parents go through what Tom and Kate have ..back Steven woolfe in his Champaign .