80% salary compensation for the self employed during this pandemic.

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According to national statistics there are around 15 million people who are self employed in the UK. To add this there are are nearly 1 million people on zero contract hours. This makes 16 million people that the government is choosing not to help with the 80% salary grant.
This Covid 19 pandemic is affecting everyone so, How is it fair that all employees on PAYE get 80% of their pay during this time whilst the self employed will only be offered the equivalent of just over £300 a month. They pay taxes like the rest of us but seem to be treated differently. Why is that? Is it fair to treat them differently just because they work for themselves or work on zero hour contracts? Let us all petition the government to change this.

Politicians have been saying we are all in this together but at the moment the self employed are outside that gate of protection. How can the government justify this? How can you justify such inequitable treatment of citizens of this country? 
I have noticed that none of the politicians seem able to answer the question when asked why the self employed aren’t being given the same offer of 80% salary compensation.
What is causing difficulties in initiating this action? Surely HMRC know what they earn as well as their tax contribution.

How is it fair to pay into a system that will not help you when you are down?

Please pass this round. Let us offer our mutual community support to all the self employed during this time of Covid 19. Let us help them fight for equal rights.