integrated Education for ALL migrants distributed equally in all European countries.

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Our petition will be promoted by our Ambassador school IIS IISMajorana-A.Cascino of Piazza Armerina, Italy through the representative of the Ambassador school project prof.ssa La Mattina Daniela,
Ambassador of the European Parliament, which involved all the European Ambassador schools, making a network for an important cause for Europe.

After a thorough study of the Dublin Convention, while appreciating the attempted reform, waiting to be adopted soon with the following petition We ask:

1) that the relocation of migrants must be compulsory and automatic and for all types of migrants: economic, refugees, delinquents, unaccompanied minors.
The criterion for attributing responsibility to the Member State of first entry must be completely removed as it continues in the reform as the main criterion for determining responsibility.
2) the allocation mechanism that should only be applied to the reform in emergency situations and therefore in situations of high influx, when the asylum systems of the Member States concerned are already collapsing
it must ALWAYS be applied
even in situations of normal administration of the Common European Asylum System.

3) quick repatriation for those who do not have the right to stay.

The responsible Member State must be that in which the applicant has family ties in an extended family conception that is not only limited to the nuclear family as is the case at present. It is necessary to immediately transfer applicants where they have family and to examine their application for international protection on the basis of a quick preventive check. The timing of the procedures at least with regard to cases of family reunification and those involving particularly vulnerable applicants such as children must be treated as a matter of priority and in a short time.

4) the arms embargo for countries that directly or indirectly finance terrorism and fuel civil wars.

Moreover, since our institution is a school and has made a network with other schools in Europe, it is requested to be able to establish a system together with the official structures such as the Sprar (protection system for asylum seekers and refugees) the Cass (extraordinary reception centers) the CPIA (provincial centers for adult education) since Education and Training can be central to welcoming and integrating Migrants.
In particular, the European schools can contribute to: a) promote literacy in the language of the host country and the knowledge and understanding of its culture with integrated didactic paths while recognizing their cultural heritage and continuing to profess their faith, and follow your own habits and customs.

b) to educate for civil coexistence and legality and to promote universal citizenship rights.

c) recognize the skills, certificates and certifications acquired in the country of origin and support the migrant with didactic and training paths aimed at building a personal, university and professional life project for the complete integration in the welcoming country or for disseminating one's own training and work experience in their country of origin in case of repatriation.

d) Involve in Europe all the sectors of the school, Universities and Institutions in the research and intervention actions to BUILD a culture of acceptance, integration and peace.