Repair Or Remove broken McKelvey Int. Plexiglass

Repair Or Remove broken McKelvey Int. Plexiglass

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Started by Jamie Fox

Students in grades 2-5 at McKelvey Elementary have been using plexiglass dividers at lunch. Early on, these dividers were one of the many important Covid mitigation strategies deployed by Parkway. However, at McKelvey Intermediate, the administration has allowed these plexiglass dividers to fall into disrepair and they are being held together at this point with duct tape, packing tape, and door hinges which are being used to screw broken panels together. The panels are scratched and scuffed to the point of reduced visibility. I have asked for months that the panels be replaced or removed as many other COVID policies are still in place in the lunch room. These include reduced capacity, assigned seating and social distancing. 

Kiara Lackey’s (McKelvey Principal) stated position has been that “Especially without having visitors at meal times, we were prepared to just keep the barriers through the end of the year.” 

Our students are visitors to this lunch room everyday. I have been informed by Parkway Administration that the school has been offered replacement plexiglass or to have the option of completely removing it as it is not mandated by the district to have it in place. However, the offer was rejected and the damaged plexi remains in place. At the current moment there is NO plexiglass at Primary(K-1) or Northeast Middle or North High school where many families also have students in attendance. 

As parents, we should be able to have the expectation and hold schools accountable to ensuring the environment our children learn in is not in a persistent state of disrepair. How long would we accept a broken window, patch of drywall, door, etc? Our expectation is that removal or replacement of damaged school property is expected to happen within a timely manner and this plexiglass should be no different. The walls on the outside of our school state  “respect, treat others how you wish to be treated.” For students to be treated with respect, this plexiglass should be replaced or removed.  

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13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!