Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in Parksville

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Working as a cashier in a grocery store here in Parksville for 8 months has opened up my eyes to the very real issue of single-use plastic bags in our city. Often customers would come in and buy one or two small items (ie, a granola bar and a bottle of pop) and ask me for a plastic bag to carry them. It baffled me to see how comfortable we as a society have gotten with using plastic bags. It also reminded me of how easy it is to throw a few reusable bags into our cars or purses for times that we don’t plan on shopping. 

I am creating this petition in hopes of banning these single-use plastic bags in our stores and asking council to start putting in an effort, because we all have to start somewhere. It starts with us, but we need their help. Ignorant statements from council member Doug O’Brien such as ‘I walk near the ocean every day in Parksville and have never noticed any plastic pollution,’ show us that as a city we are not where we need to be, and that members of the community need to help open their eyes to the issues. Please sign and help end single-use plastic bags in Parksville!