Buchan pool to be re-opened

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Parks Victoria advised visitors and campers the Buchan Caves Reserve stream fed swimming pool will be closed as of 15 December 2019. Under the Department of Health and Human Services’ recently updated Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009, swimming pools are required to turnover 25 per cent of the pool’s total water volume each hour to meet public health and hygiene standards. As the Buchan Caves Reserve is spring fed, it has been assessed and no longer meets the mandatory standards.

Public knowledge indicates that there have been no health impacts relating to this swimming pool in the  history of the pool.This pool is mechanically different to a regular swimming pool (being fed by a a natural spring) therefore the question needs to be asked on whether this pool sits outside of the regulations. If it sits within the regulations Parks Victoria has a  moral obligation to bring it up to standard immediately. 

The closure of the Buchan swimming pool will have a huge impact on the local community. This pool is a significant gathering place for the local children.  In a town that has minimal resources for children already this is not acceptable. 

Photo: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/